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söndag 7 oktober 2012

Magnolia Open Weekend

WOW what a great weekend I have had!
This Saturday me and my sweet friend Louise took a trip to Borås were Magnolia had their Open weekend with work shop. 
We started early (4.00 am) to make sure we would get ourselves a goodie bag :) And we did! We were no.23 and 24 in line.
I met so many wonderful people (and celebrities) this day! Already in the queue we got to meet and hug sweet Hanna from the Magnolia DT. A dear blogfriend, Susy and her son and chatted with a couple of other great girls in line while we froze our toes off :)
Once we were inside we met and talked to Monique, I've got to say Hi to Alberto, Camilla H and Lillemor all from the DT!
But the highlight of the day was to meet Debbie Dolphin and to sit down and work with her in her workshop :) She was an amazing teacher and a true inspiration!

Here we are, me and Debbie!

After the course it was shopping time! I went a bit crazy, but it's hard to resist when you have all this goodies right under your nose.
Before we went back home I also got to talk and hug Christine Dark. That was a perfect end to this day!
Now you know what I mean when I said I had a super day!
Here is my tag I made in Debbie's WS. Looks great, doesn't it! I had a great model to follow ;)

Thank you for spending a minute on my blog!

4 kommentarer:

Susy sa...

Vilka underbara kort du delar med dig av Annette!
Kan fortfarande sitta och le åt minnena efter denna underbara helg!
Önskar jag hade hunnit med Debbies workshop också så himla fint det blev det ni gjorde!
Så glad att få ha träffat dig!

Ha nu en bra vecka vännen!


Debbie Dolphin sa...

Hiya Annette

Thankyou so much for your kind words. Im glad you enjoyed the workshop and what you did was just amazing. I think you could tell I was soooo nervous. But it was a fun weekend. It was lovely to have met you xx
Big Hugs
Debbie xxx

Chris_P sa...

Superfint Annette!!!

O du - köp du dina copics!! Eller låt tomten komma med dem :-)

Trevlig helg! Hoppas vi ses nästa vecka!

kram Christina

Lotta sa...

WOW så skoj att få vara i Debbies workshop!! :) Helt underbar tag! kram Lotta

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